Affiliate Marketing Companies – How to Choose a Company That is Right For You

If you are interested in working online as an affiliate marketer, then you will want to take a look at the available affiliate marketing companies. The affiliate marketer works for commissions through the company who produces the product or service that is being sold. These commissions can be substantial and many people have earned a good living doing this. However, it’s important to do some research before you join up with the first company you come across.

affiliate marketing companies

When you start out with affiliate marketing, you may find a company that is willing to provide you with a product or service to promote. Many of these companies will supply training as well. Before you join up with the affiliate, you should be able to go over all of the terms and conditions with them.

The next thing you need to be aware of is the commission structure of the affiliate marketer. This may not sound very important, but you must have some idea of what this means before you join up with a company. You will be paid on a per-sale basis through your affiliate account. For example, when you make a sale from one of their products, you will be paid. You may also be paid a certain percentage for lead creation.

You may wonder how much the company is charging you per sale is. Affiliate company commissions are usually not too high, although they vary from company to company. Some companies may offer a monthly commission while other companies may pay in a check. There are also some companies that offer a flat fee for any sales and some even offer a membership opportunity.

The most important thing to keep in mind is whether the company you work for is a good match for you as an affiliate marketer. You will want to look at things like the type of products or services the company offers. You will also want to study the compensation plan and the level of education their affiliate marketers have. You want to find a company that allows you to do the job that you are good at doing and that has a compensation plan that fits with your level of expertise.

The amount of time that it takes for an affiliate marketer to earn a commission depends on the company and the individual affiliate marketer. This can take anywhere from two to four weeks per month to receive your checks. So, be prepared to be a little flexible in your schedules. You want to be able to work when you have a couple hours off, but other than that, you must be willing to work hard.

To determine the quality of the affiliate marketing companies you are looking at, take a look at their website. Look for a large and prominently displayed logo and include a contact form. Make sure the company provides a clear explanation of the compensation plan and how it works. If they are vague or have inadequate contact information, move on to another company.

One of the ways to determine if a company is worth working with is by the quality of their customer service. If a representative doesn’t answer your questions or respond promptly, that should be a warning sign. Some companies will just give you the run around and never answer your questions. While it may be true that not every affiliate marketer is hard working, it’s also true that not everyone out there is. If a company can’t be bothered to take the time to return your phone calls, that’s another red flag.


Internet Marketing Has Many Benefits

Now that time constraints have dictated a need to find ways to make more money, benefits of internet marketing have been cropping up. The days of offline advertising are coming to an end and online marketing is slowly taking the place of the television and radio. Internet marketing is not at all new. In fact it goes back almost to the birth of the internet itself.

benefits of internet marketing

Before the age of the computer marketing was mainly focused upon the selling of products. One might think that because no physical product was sold that there would be no benefits of internet marketing. Not so. Selling a product is one thing but there is also a need to make the customer realize that they need this product and will benefit from using it.

As a result one will find that marketing online involves all forms of internet advertising. This can mean creating a website that links directly to your product. In addition to this you will also need to have an opt-in page on your site so that those interested can make the first contact with you. Many times this is the only step that is required for marketing.

Then there is the use of Ezine advertising. Inboxdollars scam at stealth secrets Ezines are periodicals that can be sent to a specific mailing list. This gives you permission to send a certain number of mailings each month without having to pay for them. For this method to work you will need to have a substantial readership and you should advertise frequently enough to ensure that your message reaches your readers in a timely fashion.

There is also affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is another form of marketing that has many benefits. For example, if you know anything about running a website you probably have heard of Google AdSense. This is where you place advertisements on your website in exchange for a commission. This can prove to be quite profitable to you depending upon how much traffic your website receives.

One of the greatest benefits of internet marketing is that you do not have to pay for any type of website hosting. All that you need is a computer, an internet connection and a web page. Once you have these tools, you can start building an online store. The costs of the tools you buy should be no more than $100, so the cost to start an online store should be considered a very small investment for the long run.

The most successful online marketer will tell you that content is king when it comes to internet marketing success. The reason for this is that search engines value content so highly that they rank websites by how valuable their content is. For this reason alone you must include lots of good information about your products and/or services. In addition to the written article you should also have plenty of pictures and video.

So while there are many benefits of internet marketing you should also be aware that just like any other type of business, it requires work. You may not see immediate results but if you are consistent you will get there. This is why you need to think about working with someone who will give you the help you need. You want to feel confident that you have a great support team to guide you in the right direction.

Think of your new online venture as an extension of your offline business. Therefore you will want to spend a lot of time thinking about the way your website looks and feels. Even visitors to your site will be able to tell the difference between an amateur site and one that are professionally done. The design of the website has to appeal to visitors and they need to be able to use the site easily.

Another one of the benefits of internet marketing is that you can reach anyone anytime of the day or night. With the ability to access web pages from anywhere in the world you can market your product to the fullest extent. You no longer need to limit your marketing to a particular market because you can reach potential customers through the internet any time of the day or night. It also eliminates the cost and hassle of having to spend time and money trying to market your product in person.

One of the best benefits of internet marketing is that it doesn’t cost you a cent to get started. All you have to do is make a simple online payment and you will be ready to get your business online. There are many ways to market your products online including pay per click advertising and article marketing. Once you get started you will realize that marketing online can offer you a very lucrative income stream and it’s easy to get started with.


How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

Most people want to know how long does it take to make money blogging.  It’s a very big and a very important question, especially if you’re thinking about taking up blogging as a means to making a living.

This is a serious topic and should be handled as such.  You have to write a lot before you start to see results.  In about 1% of cases it can be quick because you’re a super affiliate already.  That’s because those bloggers are good.

They’ve been “in the game” for a while now and they can blog on constantly.  They are super affiliates.  But maybe you’re not.  Maybe though, maybe you have what it takes to be a super affiliate.

Those are the big guys at the top, making thousands and thousands of dollars a month.  Some of them a couple of million a year.  But forget that right now because we ain’t even started yet….Priorities priorities!

It takes a little time and patience, yes!  That’s for sure in 99% of cases, but do you know what?  There is a way to lessen the pain of having to wait a long time.

Let me elaborate a bit more….have you ever noticed how time flies when you stop thinking about something?  When you’re having fun?

How quickly has the last one month gone for you?  You understand what I am getting at, don’t you?  That’s right folks, what I’m actually trying to bring your attention to is the fact that NOW is the time to start blogging if you want to monetize.  Content is King and Keywords are queen.  The more content (blogs) you have, the more visible you are online.  The more visible online that you become, the more traffic (visitors) to your website you will get.

This is an equation I can’t find a result from.  Can you?


Your very own unique and engaging blog post


a cool and awesome product or service

A good rate of commission


money in your pocket (or paypal etc)

The process above is simplified, somewhat.  That is because those are the core components to consider…

And of course there are little microtasks that you must do within each of the main steps laid out above.  I won’t cover them right here – that would be a long blog post.  Those microtasks are also contributing to the equation and it gets even trickier.

What Variables Will Come Into Play With An Equation To Determine How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

There are a multitude of variables that should be incorporated into that basic strategy lited above, such as these but not including many I haven’t listed…

I’m not a mathematician, or a magician, or a mathematician, but…I can tell you that it takes a different amount of time for beginners.  Think of all those variables and try to estimate for yourself…

My point is this – forget the maths, the numbers and stats, the odds and evens, just get going with your content and website.  Write your next blog today, not tomorrow.  TWEAK it tomorrow, fine.  But write a new blog post every opportunity you get.  30 minutes spare before dinner?

Start writing, maybe finish writing after dinner.  Great thing about blogging is you can start stop like a dvd disk and continue where you left off.  Write Write Write is what you should do.  Get it all out there.  Let your fingers burn up your keyboard, deliver to the internet the VALUABLE content it is always crying out for.

Let the internet consume your content for breakfast, then fill her up with lunch and dinner and supper too, if you can.  The internet will love you for it, google will rank you better, your readership will grow and google will love you even more.  Your blogging will improve over time, the more you practice then the faster you publish and start a new one.

It’s a snowball effect that can gather pace.  How many snowballs you got?  Get your self 30 good snowballs rolling (30 blogs in a month is reasonable).

Set those snowballs off rolling and in time, if they are good, useful blogs and u got good keywords and your blog answers what people are looking for, you are on to a winner.  Keep tweaking it and growing it.  The more you do it the better and faster you become.

You might get to a point where making money online is like a very simple act you do naturally every day.  Sometimes you can continue to reap the rewards of blogging today, starting tomorrow.

And that blog post then becomes a potential PASSIVE INCOME generator.  The hard work was done that day when you wrote that blog.  Set it and forget it?  Not quite, but almost.

You should now be concentrating on your next blog post.  And for complete beginners?  I strongly suggest to you this awesome way to start for free, it is the very same thing I got started with, Go here to check it out.

What attitude do I have towards myself in this equation?

Something like this is what I think to myself all the time, and it should be like this for you too…..

Hey, Jimmy boy!  Never mind thinking about all that money,  all those numbers and other technical stuff like website layout…Think about the WORDS first and foremost…the content.  If your words are good and true, and you are actually HELPING people out, then you will get paid in real money.  There has to come one day when you have enough content “out there” on the internet and someone clicks on a link to buy an affiliate product or service.

The money will come a lot quicker when you forget the numbers and you spend 18 hours a day writing than it would if you wrote for 18 hours a year.  You understand?  Think in terms of if you start NOW, then you will profit sooner.  Don’t um and ah about how long it will take.

The maths in working out those statistics is incomprehensible to me.  Maybe you are good at maths, can you tell me the answer?  Can you give me the equation because it is a useful one.


It’s all about content is king and keywords are queen.  The number ONE best thing you can do to increase your chances of making money blogging quickly.  And as a result of that, I think it highly logical to just forget the stats, get stuck in and do loads of writing blogs, your practice will pay off sooner in the future.

When you work hard the day goes fast doesn’t it?  Add those days together and what do you have?  Lots and lots of content that you can then leverage.  But keep adding content frequently is excellent advice.

Imagine working hard at writing for a month and u wrote maybe 6 hours a day for that one month?  Who knows what typing speed you have, there is another variable to consider, so heck, I ain’t gonna guarantee anything to anyone.  I can’t do that.  But you can!

It’s down to you, basically.  It means you gotta do whatcha got to do, folks…Write lots every day and you will increase your likelihood of making a living quickly.  Work at it 5 minutes a day and I think it will take a year or two before you see a dime.  Get me?

How Can You Start A Blog For Free and Make Money Online?

I started free.  It’s the very best way to start, of course.  It does have limitations with the free way to start.  But you can upgrade and pay for a decent host for a few dollars a month.

In fact a place I know of lets you host 25 websites for $47 a month.  On top of those websites you can also get SEO training, Keyword Research tool, Live Chat support (other bloggers just like you and just like me), Video Tutorials, Weekly Live Webinars…the list goes on.

There are two membership options, free and premium.  The free version gives you only 2 websites.  But how cool is that?  You could run TWO blogs for free and learn to make money online (only bootcamp level one available free.)

If you want to try it out for free go there now.

or you can read a more detailed review and find out how you can start blogging and get a website for free right here.

Thanks for reading “how long does it take to make money blogging” and as always, ask your questions on blogging strategies and affiliate marketing in general just below in the comments section.  Or give your own take on blogging.  Are you a beginner or are you a pro-blogger?  Let me know.

Over and out for now, good luck folks!


How I Made My First $1 With Affiliate Marketing

That elusive first affiliate dollar was sometime in early 2008, maybe 2007 I’m not quite sure and was a bit of a shock.

For the first time – theory turned to reality and it feels even better when you get your first check.

Unfortunately the physical payment took sometime.

Anyone familiar with Clickbank will know that you have to have 5 sales from different credit cards to receive payment.

The 5th payment was from someone’s PayPal account which didn’t count so I had to wait for sale 6 to get my money.

So the day the check from Clickbank finally arrived was a very good day.

What my first check taught me…

The best thing about my first sale wasn’t so much the monetary aspect, it was the proof that:

My first attempts were through article or bum marketing.

Reluctant to part with any money I’d find a hot market in Clickbank, write an article and post it on a Blogger blog and mentor at Stealth Secrets generate traffic using Ezine Articles.

A sound and well publicized method but I made no money.

Actually I did – I actually made roughly $90 from one of my earliest attempts last week but that’s nearly 2 years too late!

What I changed…

I managed to part with some money and nope I didn’t buy hosting, I didn’t buy a domain name – I bought an eBook or Blueprint called the Conduit Method by Chris Rempel.

Now the strange this is that this blueprint on affiliate marketing has nothing to do with Bum or Article Marketing but the principles in it worked a treat.

They changed my outlook and approach to my entire ‘business’ (if you could call it a business back then) and I started to do things differently.

Now I had blogger review pages I was proud of.

They had quality information with genuine recommendations and I though they looked quite good (compared to the rubbish I was creating before that leaked traffic).

The final piece of the affiliate marketing jig-saw…

There was one last thing that made a massive difference – this was probably the biggest and most significant change I made.

As documented in the Conduit Method I targeted buyers and choose the keywords that were most likely used by the people who had the credit card in their hands and were ready to part with some money.

Having targeted lots of different ‘buying’ keywords I found that one in particular worked best – it’s generated 90% of my affiliate commissions, gets the best article click through rates and is repeatable.

Want to know what it is? Get ready….


That’s the keyword that got and still gets me most of my sales from those old blogger blogs in more than one market.

Articles that start or include “Best XYZ ebook” or “Learn XYZ in 10 minutes or less with the best XYZ course“.

Like I said – in more than one market – not only did it make me money, it was repeatable.

And now what…

I got some money, grew in confidence and achieved some results.

So now I finally committed and bought some hosting, bought a domain name and started to apply the Conduit Method properly.

The money I made was re-invested, I had some belief in affiliate email marketing and myself and built on the momentum to earn more money, faster.

The moral of the story?

Find something that works and push it to it’s limit – milk that baby for all it’s worth and now you have money, experience and results.

Re-invest your money into better (or at least some) resources that build your business and boost your assets.

And if I was to do something different it would have been built a list and done the work faster.

I spent too much time thinking because I was too afraid of failure.

As a famous fighter once said – ‘Even monkey’s fall out of trees‘.

If you’d like to find out how you can use the Conduit Method for your own affiliate marketing you can check it out HERE.

It’s one of the best products I’ve ever bought – it’s what I’d call… wicked.


Getting Started As An Affiliate Marketer

The emergence of Internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for online businesses.

The global reach of internet, means that practically anyone with an internet connection and a PC automatically, becomes a prospect for your business.

Apart from that setting up an online business, requires very little capital, nothing more than a domain name and space, to host the website.

Compared to the costs of setting up a normal establishment, the cost of setting up, an online business is peanuts.

It is precisely for this reason, a lot of people are getting on to, online businesses.

This is one of the ways to supplement, their real world income source.

But chances are pretty good, that this secondary source of income might become the primary source, of income.

Affiliate Marketing is great way, to earn a few extra bucks.

It is essentially a revenue sharing partnership, between a web merchant and you.

An affiliate is usually paid commission, on pay-on-performance basis, usually for generating leads, clicks and sales of web merchant’s products.

It’s a win-win situation, where the affiliate doesn’t have a start up cost, as well as the development cost and of course there is no cost, of maintaining a regular business.

The Merchant has a lot to gain, from affiliate marketing.

The Merchant gets a wider market, to promote a product or a service, which might have not been possible with, traditional advertising methods.

Higher the number of affiliates, higher is the traffic and higher are the chances of converting a visitor into a customer.

The Merchant does not have many overheads, because of the pay-as-you-perform, scheme.

There are many advantages, for the affiliate too.

The affiliate can earn, by just having a link or an ad to the Merchants website.

The prospective customers, will have to click on this link and make a purchase, for the affiliate, to earn a commission.

As soon as the prospect clicks on the link, he is taken to the Merchants website, where the sale is made.

At this point the affiliate, earns a commission and of course this is one of the easiest ways, to make a profit.

As emphasized earlier, both the merchant as well as the affiliate, have a lot to gain in this mutually beneficial relationship.

There are no sure shot ways to get on top, but the following tips will certainly help.

1. Create niche for yourself.

Let this niche be something, which is closer to your interests and passion.

The more you are passionate about this product, the more you will be enthusiastic, in promoting the product. It is this enthusiasm, which can make you an expert, in your niche.

This expertise will create the credibility, which is required, for any Affiliate marketer.

That would mean trust and the net result is more sales.

2. Identify good merchants

Try to find merchants who treat their affiliates well and have proven, and credible products and services.

There are numerous networks, which give you information on visit to conversion rates, most profitable products and the high paying merchants.

Irrespective of what these networks say, get into an arrangement with a merchant, who you are most comfortable, with whose products and services, you think will be relevant to your niche area.

3. Have your website

As is usual with any business, it is a must, that one must plan one’s moves.

And planning to get in traffic is something that will get you way forward, in your affiliate marketing career.

It is this web traffic, which allows you to showcase what you have, to those who need those.

Ultimately, it is the traffic generation strategies, that will help you drive your affiliate marketing career, forward.

If you know how to get people, to see what you have, then you certainly, on the right track.

What is required to succeed in affiliate business is literal potpourri, but the most important thing in the entire thing, is you and you alone.

It is your capacity, to convert your prospects and the sheer desire in your heart to succeed, that will help you succeed.

Affiliate Marketing is all about taking control, of your destiny and you decide where you want to take it…

Having a right attitude, is the key to be able to steer the ship, into serene waters of the ocean, a serenity that permeates the surrounding atmosphere, as you steer the ship along.


Global Test Market Review: Is It The Best Paid Survey Site Online

Are you looking for a legit paid survey site that offers you the best options?

Well, that is something hard to find especially when there are so many survey sites that claim to be the best in terms of both surveys and payment options.

If you are looking for paid survey sites you will need to do some serious research before you start.

You have to always make sure that you find legitimate and reputed sites that can offer you better deals and provide better payment options as well.

Global Test Market powered by Global Market Insite Inc was founded in 1999.

They have positioned their surveys as a source of side income to compliment a full-time job income.

Many young people have sued them to get some pocket money.

The best thing about Global Test Market is that registration is not really mandatory.

If you have tried other survey sites, you know that they provide you with long registration forms.

Global Test Market is not like that – it offers simple join in options.

You can also easily login with your Facebook account if you wish – but some people prefer not to do that so that their relatives or friends do not see their money-making activities.

Survey Quality And Origin

With Global Test Market you can also be sure that you are getting genuine research surveys.

The company has long since been involved in serious market research and is connected with various big companies interested in consumer opinion trends.

Most of the research surveys that you are paid for are related to the products and services available in the market and therefore it is pretty easy to complete them.

On the other hand, users also have the choice to select the surveys that they want to fill and are always filling up information that they have thorough knowledge about.

All the surveys are suggested based on individual preferences and opinions and therefore are very simple and easy to fill in.

Obviously, no technical skill or special knowledge is required for these surveys.

International Availability

With Global Test Market you can earn with paid surveys if you are in one of the 49 countries around the world they support.

The company offers paid surveys to users across all the 49 countries and therefore you can be sure that it is a reliable option to make some quick money.

The company already has their presence in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia and many more countries across the globe.

Citizens from any of these countries can become members for free and start making money.

Extra Features

The site also offers better profile administration for the users.

This means that once you have logged into your account you can see all your information on the profile page.

You can view the number of surveys that they have filled in and the amount of points that they have scored.

That way you can watch your progress, pace your efforts and plan ahead.

The surveys are based on each user’s profile and there is not much control of the survey types otherwise.

You can not just select a survey you like, you get surveys by e-mail based on your profile and interests.

That is why you need to make sure you update your profile at all time to keep getting more surveys you can fill out.

Most of the surveys are sent by email and therefore you can check and fill them out on the go, even from your phone.

The surveys are small and easy and it takes normally 20 minutes to wrap up one survey which means you can also handle the surveys while being at your day job.

The site offers MarketPoints to the users.

MarketPoints are added to your profile, and are a sort of an internal currency.

You can gather all the MarketPoints that you  have and then use it to convert into cash or any reward depending on your choice.

Redeeming the MarketPoints is easier because all you need to do is login and click on Rewards and Redeem and the check will be available in next four to six weeks.

Users that stay outside the US borders will receive checks in around six to eight weeks. Users can also make use of electronic payment methods for quick transfers.