Know More About Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Numerous renowned online universities and top industry professionals have offered free online digital marketing courses through the web’s online mode which effectively teach essential digital marketing skills using practical exercises, assignments and quizzes. These are cheaper and more flexible than traditional university degree courses. They also offer flexibility in choosing the length of the program, either as fast-paced classroom sessions or self-paced via the internet.

online digital marketing courses free

These online courses provide the basic foundation in the key highlights of the digital world. They cover key points like social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, link building, website analytics and web copywriting, keyword research, page optimization, web design, logo and image placement, online branding, ecommerce and networking, content and SEO, web development and business strategies, user experience design and web application development. Students can complete these courses in two months time. There are two types of course modules – Pymodorance or WYSIWYG and O SEM or ODA.

Pymodorance is the shortest of all the two-type courses. It covers the key highlights of the topics from the basic to the advanced concepts in marketing skills. In Pymodorance, there are no tests, quizzes or exams. The course offers knowledge on creating a niche market, creating your own brand, creating a website, online advertising, search engine optimization, link building and blogging.

WYSIWYG is the longest of the two types of courses. It covers everything from the basics of SEO and link building to advanced, strategic techniques for online media marketing. Some of the topics covered are social media marketing strategies, pay per click strategies, online advertising, page optimization, web development and business strategies. However, the learners do not need to have any knowledge on these strategies as the courses focus more on the techniques and methods to be used.

O SEM and ODA are the two types of online courses that offer free lessons on the fundamentals of digital economy. These courses cover the basic digital economy concepts like supply chain management, digital dashboards, PPC management, customer data, search engine marketing, and other techniques. However, to be able to take advantage of these courses, you need to have a working website or a product. The courses also require the use of some of the popular tools and platforms such as XSitePro, Squeeze Page, Joomla, WordPress, Google Analytics, and others.

Aside from these online courses, there are also live online seminars that you can take. The seminars allow you to learn about SEO, PPC, SMM, B2B, CRM, and other concepts by just listening to the experts speak about these topics. However, the real world experience of the professionals is more helpful in giving practical examples and hands-on practice. In the end, these seminars are beneficial as they make you familiar with the current industry trends and practices.

Free e-books and reports are also offered in the online courses. These free reports and e-books give lessons on digital marketing training, techniques, and strategies that can help you increase your business profitability. Some of the free reports include the Content Marketing Campaign Report, Google AdWords Certification, and AdSense Optimization Training. On the other hand, to take advantage of the courses and receive the certification, you need to register and pay a fee. The fee may vary depending on the service provider.

You can also choose to go for the classroom training over the internet. Online classroom training allows you to complete assignments, do research online, and attend virtual classes. To receive the certificate, you need to register for the course and pay a fee. These online courses will help you enhance your knowledge and skills in different areas of business activities and will also assist you to acquire the latest technology and techniques in this field.