Global Test Market Review: Is It The Best Paid Survey Site Online

Are you looking for a legit paid survey site that offers you the best options?

Well, that is something hard to find especially when there are so many survey sites that claim to be the best in terms of both surveys and payment options.

If you are looking for paid survey sites you will need to do some serious research before you start.

You have to always make sure that you find legitimate and reputed sites that can offer you better deals and provide better payment options as well.

Global Test Market powered by Global Market Insite Inc was founded in 1999.

They have positioned their surveys as a source of side income to compliment a full-time job income.

Many young people have sued them to get some pocket money.

The best thing about Global Test Market is that registration is not really mandatory.

If you have tried other survey sites, you know that they provide you with long registration forms.

Global Test Market is not like that – it offers simple join in options.

You can also easily login with your Facebook account if you wish – but some people prefer not to do that so that their relatives or friends do not see their money-making activities.

Survey Quality And Origin

With Global Test Market you can also be sure that you are getting genuine research surveys.

The company has long since been involved in serious market research and is connected with various big companies interested in consumer opinion trends.

Most of the research surveys that you are paid for are related to the products and services available in the market and therefore it is pretty easy to complete them.

On the other hand, users also have the choice to select the surveys that they want to fill and are always filling up information that they have thorough knowledge about.

All the surveys are suggested based on individual preferences and opinions and therefore are very simple and easy to fill in.

Obviously, no technical skill or special knowledge is required for these surveys.

International Availability

With Global Test Market you can earn with paid surveys if you are in one of the 49 countries around the world they support.

The company offers paid surveys to users across all the 49 countries and therefore you can be sure that it is a reliable option to make some quick money.

The company already has their presence in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia and many more countries across the globe.

Citizens from any of these countries can become members for free and start making money.

Extra Features

The site also offers better profile administration for the users.

This means that once you have logged into your account you can see all your information on the profile page.

You can view the number of surveys that they have filled in and the amount of points that they have scored.

That way you can watch your progress, pace your efforts and plan ahead.

The surveys are based on each user’s profile and there is not much control of the survey types otherwise.

You can not just select a survey you like, you get surveys by e-mail based on your profile and interests.

That is why you need to make sure you update your profile at all time to keep getting more surveys you can fill out.

Most of the surveys are sent by email and therefore you can check and fill them out on the go, even from your phone.

The surveys are small and easy and it takes normally 20 minutes to wrap up one survey which means you can also handle the surveys while being at your day job.

The site offers MarketPoints to the users.

MarketPoints are added to your profile, and are a sort of an internal currency.

You can gather all the MarketPoints that you  have and then use it to convert into cash or any reward depending on your choice.

Redeeming the MarketPoints is easier because all you need to do is login and click on Rewards and Redeem and the check will be available in next four to six weeks.

Users that stay outside the US borders will receive checks in around six to eight weeks. Users can also make use of electronic payment methods for quick transfers.